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Extremi Chauncey-Class Steam Locomotive by killerweinerdog
Extremi Chauncey-Class Steam Locomotive

As Blakfuel became the mainstay power source for all internal combustion engines, its disadvantages became more and more apparent: for one, its state of matter was very susceptible to temperature changes. In hotter climates, it would burn abnormally hot and gave off a lot more fumes, making it volatile and dangerous to work with. At lower temperatures, such as those encountered in Domoya, it would thicken into a tar-like substance that would burn very cold and gum up internal combustion engines. Another issue is that, while it ran well and efficiently in engines, its explosive power was limited at best and produced a low torque ratio. While this was not as big an issue for aircraft and zeppelin engines, it made it difficult to utilize for heavy hauls without using an extremely complicated transmission system. Advances in blakfire refinement and alternative fuel would fix this, but the need for a locomotive that was relatively easy to maintain and could operate in all temperatures without modification had become apparent. 

So, the engineers in Extremidad came up with the Chauncey, a steam locomotive fueled by Blakfire crystal. You see, while Blakfuel's burning temperature is unpredictable, unrefined Blakfire crystals, when heated with a regular fire, burn hot and consistent, much like this world's coal. The only downside is that the flames are hazardous to touch, but so long as safety precautions are taken, the flames can be contained easily like any fire. Of course, considering the nature of Blakfire flames to alter the very state of regular metals, the firebox and parts of the boiler of the Chauncey are reinforced with Blaksteel, which can survive the flames and abilities of blakfire flames. 

The result of the Chanucey's novel power design is a robust, powerful engine that can operate in almost any environment, and pull around heavy loads like no one's business. In fact, the design is so effective that the Chauncey is used under licence by many countries, and has become a staple, and symbol, of overland world logistics. 

- 4-8-4  wheel layout for even distribution of weight across the rails
- modular design allowing for additions such as side plates, cow catchers, and even full armor for military duties 
- "knuckle" style couplings, based on the pre-world "Janney" coupler
- pre-world Walshaerts-based valve gear provides an effecient and reliable system of delivering steam to the pistons, and its external layout means that if something does break, it can be replaced in a timely manner. 
Height: 14'
Length: 52.4' (locomotive) 79.7' (with tender)
Width: 9.8'
Weight: 95 tons

Top speed (without load): 88 mph

Armament: None, but many are fitted to use on armored "War" trains.

Damontian Dsc-120 Schurke Night Fighter by killerweinerdog
Damontian Dsc-120 Schurke Night Fighter
"Goddamned Bats." -Extremi Bomber pilots' slang for the Schurke

The Schurke is a novel design of an aircraft, with an interesting story behind it that tells the tale of a plane that began in one role, but was re-purposed for another. When Damontians first caught wind of Extremidad PF-0 Banshee "Super Fighters," a contract was hastily thrown up due to fears should the Banshee be encountered en masse, which would have devastating consequences for Damontia's air force. The requirement of the contract was simple: devise a fast, efficient, maneuverable heavy fighter that could beat the Banshee at its own game. The Schurke was the first plane to be evaluated, its quick development due to its novel design: Take two Barakuda fighters, turn them upside down (To allow the engine to function inverted, they were completely re-tooled, especially the oil tank and carburetor), link them using reinforced wings and tailplanes, and install a crew cabin between them. The result was the Schurke's...unique shape, one that causes it to be referred to by its pilots as "the upside down fighter." The original designs for the Schurke called for it to be made of Blaksteel like the Banshee, but unfortunately, Damontia's Blaksteel manufacturing was much less efficient than Extremidad's, and so none could be spared from the airship industry. As a result, the first Schurke was made of traditional metals, which gave it a rather cumbersome weight compared to what its original design called for. Because of this, the Schurke's performance was...disappointing, though it was still surprisingly capable despite its novel shape. However, when the threat of entire squadrons of Banshees failed to materialize, it was decided to drop the program, and the Schurke was shelved. 

Several years later, however, a new contract was put forth: A requirement for a heavy night fighter to combat the deadly "blackout" raids being conducted against Damontia by Extremidad. The Schurke's prototype was immediately re-evaluated, and with some additions of radar and a heavier armanent, it proved itself to be perfect for the role. In addition, it also filled a niche for a light bomber, attack plane for ground support, and spotting/reconnaissance missions, and soon enough, it became a very well-known plane, among both friends and enemies.

-Twin V-16 engines gives the Schurke an excellent speed for a plane of its size, and allows for carrying a heavy payload of bombs for strike missions. However, like the Barakuda it was based off of,  it is very fuel inefficient, and the high torque of the over-powered engines makes maintenance a nightmare. As a result, the Schurke is only useful for short-range missions or operating from a carrier ship, unless a tanker plane is provided. 
-tail-mounted 30mm "Flak" cannon. While a devestating gun, its usefulness is somewhat stunted by the limited field of view for the gunner. In night fighter versions, however, this gun can be linked to the radar to provide a more accurate, and deadly, sighting envelope. 
-one thing it does not share with the Barakuda is the 'kuda's flimsy landing gear; sturdier struts with built in shock absorbers means it can operate from dirt airfields, helping mitigate its limited range by allowing deployment directly to the front lines. 
-pilot's seat is almost completely surrounded by glass canopy on all sides, allowing for better visibility. However, this comes at the cost of vulnerability, though when operating at night this is less of a concern.


Wingspan: 57'
Length: 43'
Height: 11'

Powerplant: 2 x Damonmaschinenfabrik Kaltenstein V-16 Engines
Top Speed: 400 mph
Range: 200 miles
Ceiling: 30,000 feet

Armament: 4 x 20mm cannon (night fighter/attacker version) 1 x 30mm "flak" gun in tail turret, Up to 5000 lbs ordinance on wing pylons (bomber/attacker version)

Crew: 3 (Pilot, Gunner, Copilot/Radar Operator (Night Fighter version)/Bombardier (bomber version)
Extremidad T141A Royal Knight MBT by killerweinerdog
Extremidad T141A Royal Knight MBT
"Honestly my only complaint about the Knight has to be the narrow tracks. Great for going over roadways, but makes going through mud and soft ground all but impossible. Even worse when you're trying to chase down a Drache and can only watch as those big fuckers leave you foundering in some bog as they merrily drive back to camp in time for tea." -unnamed Extremi Tanker

When Damontia began deploying their new Drache tank, the Extremis found their modified Crusaders, a light and mobile, but under-armed/under-armored tank, was ill-fit to face it head on. So, a new heavy tank was needed. The result was the Royal Knight, a heavy tank inspired from old Pre-World designs. Packing a heavier main gun and cannons, it was a beast on the battlefield, more than  suited to face the Drache, and support infantry on other fronts. Still, it is lacking in armor; a single direct hit from a Drache is in danger of turning the entire tank into a pyre, but on the good side, it is much more maneuverable than the Drache, and its own main high-velocity gun can pierce he side and back armor of the Drache like a hot knife through butter. Another downside is its narrow track base; made for urban combat in mind, it tends to get stuck in deep mud, though some field modiciations, such as adding "duckbill" additions to the treads, serve as makeshift remedies. A more novel feature of the Knight is the twin 40mm naval AA guns on its turret, designed as a deterrant to fighters, though often turned against infantry and light vehicles and sometimes removed entirely when weight and speed takes a priority over AA fire.

Height: 12'
Length 23' (front of hull to back)
Length 25' (drom back of hull to tip of main gun)
Width: 9ft

Weight: 55 tons

Armanent: 1 90mm High Velocity Antitank Gun
2 hull mounted 20mm cannons 
1 20mm coaxial cannon
2 40mm "Pom Pom" naval AA guns

Powerplant: 1 Ransel Ghost Radial Aircraft Engine

UPDATE: Updated the rear guide wheel, and added another angle
Extremi TB-56 Brigand Trainer/Patrol Plane by killerweinerdog
Extremi TB-56 Brigand Trainer/Patrol Plane
"Who'da thought you could take one plane and make three? Pirate, Brigand, Corsair...they're all the same basic airframe. The Brigand, of course, is my favorite. Great for patrols, and the cannons come in handy for strafing enemy incursions when they happen...and they do happen." - Flight Lieutennant Richard Doherty, Extremi Patrol Pilot

This is the TB-56 Brigand, the original plane from which the Pirate and Corsair are based off of. The Brigand is an interesting plane by itself,  intended as a trainer but finding its niche as a agile, reliable patrol bomber made possible by the plane's exceptional stability and forgiving flight characteristics. 

The Brigand is actually two variants of the plane, those two variants being "Trainer" and "Patrol Bomber." The Trainer version includes a second pilot's seat in place of tail gun position, and does not have the bomb racks found on the Patrol Bomber version. The TRainer still keeps the Brigand's signature twin synchronized 20mm guns, often for used in gunnery and dogfight training.

The Brigand's origins were actually rather humble, originally designed as a crop duster that found itself pressed into service as a stopgap patrol bomber during the First Damontian War to protect Extremidad's mainland from raids by Damontian ships, which would frequently sneak up on unsuspecting Extremi port towns and shell them before slipping away. After working out the teething problems originating from literally going crop field to the battlefield, the Brigand proved to be a reliable, if slow, aircraft with the range and durability that made it perfect for patrol roles. As a result, the Brigand has become a workhorse of Extremidad's home guard, patrolling the skies and keeping a keen eye out for enemy incursions.

In the current times of Blakfire, the Brigand has found an additional role as a liason and clandestine operations aircraft, its sturdy fixed landing gear being perfect for landing on rough ground and hastily built runways. These Brigands, known unofficially as the "Highwaymen,"are often painted in a flat black paint, and will have one or both 20mm guns, along with the tail gun, removed to save on weight and shorten takeoff roles. Some pilots even go so far as to remove the radios, passenger seat, and gunner seat, and will even fly wearing nothing more than a shirt, pants, and shoes, foregoing even essentials such as a sidearm and parachute, if it means shaving even a foot off of the plane's takeoff roll. 


Wingspan: 38 ft
Length: 25 ft
Height: 9  ft

Powerplant: 1 x Ransel Phantom Radial Engine 
Top Speed:  200 Mph
Range: 1000 mi
Ceiling: 12,500 ft

Armament: 2 x 20mm Cannons with 200 rounds per gun, 2 x .50 cal machine guns on dorsal flexible mount, 400 rounds per gun (Patrol Bomber version only) up to 1,500 lbs ordinance on wing bomb racks (Patrol Bomber version only)

Trainer version: 2 (pilot, instructor) 
Patrol Bomber version: 3 (pilot, gunner, passenger)

UPDATE: Cleaned up the lines a little bit and added a more visible radial engine. Also added a 3rd view to show the Brigand from behind.
Extremi P-140 Peregrine Fighter by killerweinerdog
Extremi P-140 Peregrine Fighter
"Squadron came across flight of Extremi Peregrines while doing patrol. Or rather, they came upon us. Did not even know were there until one literally came up from behind and waggled wings. Synchronized radio frequencies and made some conversation before they broke off and let us be. Graceful birds. Glad were on our side; our steamers not stand a chance otherwise." Domoyan pilot, detailing his encounter with a flight of Peregrines.

In response to the Barakuda, the Extremis decided they required a plane capable of matching, or preferably surpassing the so-called "flying rat rod." Rather than focus on speed, however, it was decided to make a plane that could out-fly rather than out-run the venerable craft. As a result, the Peregrine came to be, and, as mentioned in the older entry for the Peregrine, it was not based directly on any one aircraft, more rather loosely based upon the PRe-world Curtiss P-40 Warhawk and improved upon using elements from other planes, such as the P-36, the Spitfire, and some others. 

The Peregrine is initially geared towards escort and interceptor roles, however it may also serve as a ground attack/infantry support fighter as well. Compared to its rival the Barakuda the Peregrine is slower, but has a longer range and is more manuverable and stable at low speeds. In addition, its supercharged engine allows for a higher ceiling, making it useful for escorting Constable bombers and supplementing Banshee and Brigand aerial patrols. Also unlike the Barakuda, its thicker, more durable tires make them able to land on rougher dirt airstrips, or practically anywhere they can stop in a good amount of time. Overall, compared to the Barakuda, the Peregrine, while slower and with a lighter armament, can still out turn the Kuda at any altitude, and fly higher and farther as well.

-Landing gear wheels shorten and rotate through 90 degrees while retracting; while they do not lie flush with the wing, the fairings over the struts allow for some aerodynamic mitigation.
-modular design allows for quick conversion to other roles, such as recon, liaison, and fighter/bomber roles. 
-two-speed supercharger engine gives the Peregrine an altitude advantage over other planes; the supercharger and supercharger exhaust is installed under the cockpit with the  giving the Peregrine its distinctive stepped fuselage shape. 
-unlike the P-40 and P-39, the Peregrine's cockpit canopy does not slide back; rather, the top folds back, and the pilot climbs in. This allows for a somewhat simpler method of bailing out, where the pilot simply pulls a pin behind and above the seat that releases the canopy from its hinge, allowing it to be punched or blown away. 


Wingspan: 29.5'
Length: 28.7'
Height: 8.8'

Powerplant: 1 x Ransel Avenger V-12 Liquid Cooled Engine
Top Speed: 380 mph
Range: 400 miles
Ceiling: 30,000 feet

Armament: 2 x .50 synchronized caliber machine guns in nose, 4 x .30 caliber machine guns in wings, up to 500 lbs of ordinance.

Crew: 1 (pilot-fighter) 2 (pilot, passenger/camera operator-liason/recon) 
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