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Extremi Cherub-class Patrol Boat by killerweinerdog
Extremi Cherub-class Patrol Boat

"The secret to not dying on a Cherub is to always keep moving; As soon as you slow down every gun within a two mile radius will be trained on you. That, and stay close to shore. " - unnamed Extremi Cherub Patrol Boat Crew

Before the Cherub, Harbors were guarded by shore-based coastal defense batteries, torpedo nets, and the occasional cruiser or destroyer standing at attention at the mouth. While this is effective against large-scale raids, it was found lacking against smaller infiltration craft carrying saboteurs, small arms, or sometimes even high explosives and torpedoes, which would be either launched within the harbor or the entire boat turned into one large torpedo, with the crew locking the throttle and (hopefully) jumping free before impact. As these sorts of incidents became more prevalent, the need for a light, fast craft that could keep up with them was made apparent. At the same time, another growing issue was a lack of a fast, shallow draft boat that, ironically, would enable the Extremi's to carry out raids of their own, and in addition, a boat that could be sent up rivers to drop off and/or support small shore parties. 

To deal with all of this, the Cherub came to be: Also called a "Mosquito Boat" or endearingly referred to by its crews as "Cheri" the Cherub proved itself as just what the Extremi Maritime Navy needed. Fast, reliable, and mission configurable, the Cherub came in two basic variants: The first was a standard "Ocean Patrol" variant, featuring traditional screw propellers/rudders and equipped with torpedo tubes for fast, brutal attacks against enemy ships and infrastructure. The second variant was a "River Patrol" variant, featuring a more advanced pump jet system and lightened considerably to allow for fast river operations. Of course, as with all small, fast craft, the Cherub is lacking in heavy armor, meaning her speed and maneuverability is the only things standing between her and Davy Jones' locker. In addition, despite her Ocean Patrol version having a deeper draft, her range is limited and larger swells can tip her over if her crew isn't careful, she is still not suited for independent open ocean operations, limiting her use to coastal duties at best (though there have been instances where several Cherubs have been operated in deep water from a "Mother ship" tender, allowing their use in naval warfare as fast, light raider boats.)

-Modular weapon design means Cherub boats can be configured for mission needs, and can support a variety of weapons
-River Patrol Version's impeller pump jets allow for fast shallow draft operations without fears of damaging the inner works, though the more complicated design leads to mechanical difficulties if not properly maintained. 
-all variants equipped with basic short-range radar/sonar, allowing them to act as "spotter" ships for Leviticus class destroyers on submarine patrols. However, due to their limited usefulness in river ops, many river patrol captains elect to remove the sonars to save on weight.
-Equipped with a small launch behind her exhaust stacks, useful for landing troops/as an emergency raft
-While space is limited, Cherubs also have a small berthing and simple galley with stove, allowing for some crew comfort. 
-Navigation/radio room located just fore of the wheelhouse and aft of the forward gun

3 x Main weapon emplacements which may consist of any of the following: 
Dual 40mm "Pom Pom" AA guns
.50 Caliber Heavy Machine Gun
40mm "Thumper" Semi-automatic Grenade Launcher/"Flak" Cannon

4 x 18" Torpedo Launchers
1 x 13" "Hedgehog" Mines/Depth Charges in 8 shot retractable launcher (Note that this is the only weapon not modular in design; "Sub Hunter" variants have to have their aft weapon emplacement specially built to carry the launcher)
4 x 5' Multiple Rocket Launcher Tubes (Mounted in place of Torpedo Tubes, usually found on River Patrol craft)

Length: 78'
Beam: 22'
Draft: 7' (Ocean PAtrol Variant) 4' (River Patrol Variant)
Height (From Keel): 25'

Top Speed: 60 Knots

Powerplants: Two Ransel Dullahan V-12 Aircraft Engines powering twin screws (OPV) Twin impeller water jets (RPV)

Damontian Riese Self-Propelled Gun by killerweinerdog
Damontian Riese Self-Propelled Gun
"We thought it was a Drache when we heard it, but when it finally emerged over the hill, we realized just how wrong we were. It took us a moment to come to terms with the fact that what we were seeing was in fact a vehicle, not a bloody blockhouse that had grown legs and begun walking. By that time, though, half the squad was dead and the building we'd taken cover in was coming down around us. We took her down, but she cost us three good men and a valuable intersection." -Extremi Sergeant of the Fifth Mechanized Regiment, detailing his first encounter with a Riese.

Of all the Damontian land based vehices, nothing quite makes an impression like the Riese. It towers over even its predecessor the Drache, and calling it a "mobile pillbox" would be a rather apt term indeed, as this was exactly the idea behind the Riese's development. Stemming from a military order for a heavy vehicle capable of demolishing buildings and supporting infantry/tanks in an urban environment, the Riese needed to be just as mobile and as durable as the vehicles it was supporting. So, the chassis of the already successful Drache tank was used, with the turret replaced by mountings for a heavy infantry gun. Rather than firing solid shells, the cartridges of this gun are made up of a two-part system; you have the propellant charge, and then the projectile itself, a large finned warhead consisting of a hundred pound shaped charge. These cartridges are deadly against vehicle and building alike, shattering armor or concrete with ease. Of course, the Riese is not without its shortcomings; unlike the Extremi's Lancer, the Riese lacks the gun traverse or the range to function as an effective artillery weapon, forcing the Damontians to rely on less mobile artillery pieces for long range strikes. In addition, the Riese carries no secondary defensive weapons, making it easy pickings for an effective squad of Extremi soldiers with grenades. 

- Heavy Armor/Sideplates make it almost invulnerable to standard small arms and light explosive weaponry, though it also costs the Riese in speed and manuverability.
- Shares a chassis with the Drache, making repairs and maintainence simpler, though it also shares the Drache's shortcomings
- Dozer blade on the front, ideal for clearing debris after demolishing a building
- Simple mounting system, allows for the gun to be easily removed for maintainence
- Armored side plates protects the treads from small arms and light explosives, to help partially make up for the Drache's limited defensive capabilities. 


Height: 10.3 ft. 
Length: 26.0 ft.
Width: 12.7 ft.

Weight: 70 tons

Armanent: 180mm Heavy Infantry Gun

Powerplant: 1 Rottstein V-16 Diesel Engine
Extremi PF-0 Banshee Heavy Patrol Fighter/Attacker by killerweinerdog
Extremi PF-0 Banshee Heavy Patrol Fighter/Attacker
"The Banshee has to be one of the finest, if not THE finest airplane in the world. When your allies see it, they're inspired. And when your enemies see it...well let's just say they can count their remaining lifespan in minutes." -Donovan Vale, manager of Extremi Aircraft Works Factory D7, the only factory in the world that produces Banshees. 

The Banshee started out as a humble venture to replace the sturdy, but incredibly slow and outdated Brigand patrol plane. However, it can easily be said the designers outdid themselves...and then some. While "patrol fighter" certainly still applies, the durable, light airframe and powerful engines make it a platform for many uses, including ground attack, clandestine/liaison work, night fighter, fast transport, and bomber hunting roles. The secret behind its lightness, despite its size, is its frame: unlike other aircraft that use standard metals for construction, the Banshee is made completely out of Blaksteel, which is both lighter, yet exponentially stronger than regular aircraft-grade steel, and is often reserved exclusively for use on zeppelins. Because of this, the Banshee achieves speed, fuel efficiency, and maneuverability found on no other aircraft of its size while also carrying a devestating armanent to turn on targets on the ground and in the air. To that note, however, Blaksteel is very expensive and complicated to manufacture, and due to this, despite the plane's excellent performance, there are very few of them, as production of a single unit may take weeks, even months depending on resources and wartime conditions. 

-As mentioned above, the light but expensive Blaksteel frame allows for extreme speed and maneuverability, while also remaining fuel efficient to preserve the Banshee's long range.

-Has not two but four engines, into two pairs, one pair per nacelle. The engines are mounted side-by-side and coupled via a gearbox in a "power system" configuration, which  During takeoff, all four engines are started, but once cruising speed is attained the two inner engines are shut down and the plane cruises on the outer engines. In combat, when a burst of speed is needed, the inner engines can be started in mere seconds. The downside of the Power System is that, while the engines operate well in most temperatures, due to Blakfuel's sensitivity to temperature, whereas it burns hotter in hotter weather and colder in colder weather, the engines can be a bit sensitive when dealing with extremes, such as in Sierra Nova, where running all four engines for extended periods can cause overheating, or Domoya where the cold literally causes Blakfuel to stop burning and gum up the engines in flight.. In addition, the complicated system's intricacies make maintenance a challenge; even seasoned mechanics find it hard to sleep at night after seeing what happens to the gearboxes of a poorly-maintained Banshee.  

-THe original variant used for long range patrols features interesting amenities, such as rest bunks rudimentary bathroom and even a small galley with cooking elements. Other features include a refueling probe for air-to-air refueling, one of the bunks able to fold into a navigator's table, and an increased-range radio. 


Wingspan: 68 ft
Length: 56 ft
Height: 16  ft

Powerplant: 4 x Ransel Dullahan in coupled "power system" configuration, each system powering two contra-rotating propellers
Top Speed:  500 Mph
Range: 1000 mi
Ceiling: 15,500 ft

Armament: 8 x .50 caliber machine guns and 2 x 40mm Cannons with 200 rounds per gun, 2 x .50 cal machine guns on dorsal powered turret, 400 rounds per gun, 2 x 25mm "flak" air-burst cannons in tail stinger turret, up to 1000 lbs ordinance on wing bomb racks.

4 (Pilot, copilot/navigator, dorsal gunner, tail gunner)
Extremi T56B Caravan Transport Truck by killerweinerdog
Extremi T56B Caravan Transport Truck
"The Caravan is as important to the Extremi army as the rifle or the EF Talisman. It gets soldiers, supplies, and fuel where it needs to go, and it goes through places zeppelins or ships can't to get it there. WIthout it, we'd be up a creek without a paddle." - Extremi Quartermaster, 65th Transport Regiment

While the Skirmisher is the Extremi's mainstay troop and supply transport in the heat of battle, the heavy, ponderous tracked vehicle leaves much to be desired behind the front lines, where speed and efficiency are key. Not to mention that when a Skirmisher throws a tread, it is out of commission until a recovery vehicle can haul it to the shop for repairs. Enter the Caravan.

If the Footman is the workhorse of the Extremi military, the Caravan is the trusty mule. Sure it ain't pretty, and it often goes unsung, but this sturdy six-wheeled truck does its job, and does it well. The Caravan features, among other things, a very modular design, allowing for multiple configurations, including but not limited to troop/supply transport, as seen above, tanker, tow truck, recovery vehicle, prime mover, tank transporter, ambulance, AA truck, Guntruck/convoy escort, and a larger tractor/trailer configuration. 

Overall, the Caravan is sturdy, reliable, and durable, though a bit slower than the Footman which limits the speed of a convoy, especially when under heavy load. Also, as with the Footman, the Caravan is virtually unarmored, which makes driving it in a war zone practically a death sentence. Still, the Caravan has a couple of features that has earned it a spot in the Extremi military:

-modular design, mission configurable. See configurations above. 
-built-in tool kit, makes repairs when on the road possible.
-6 x 6 wheel drive, allows for easy driving on almost any terrain. 
-Lighter and faster than the Skirmisher, making it more suited for cross country and convoy travel.

Height: 9.6'
Length: 26.9'
Width: 10.3'

Weight: 3.7 tons

Armament: Varies

Powerplant:  Extremidad Motor Works "Bad Boy" Straight 6 engine.
TGC45 Skirmisher Gun/Troop Carrier by killerweinerdog
TGC45 Skirmisher Gun/Troop Carrier
"Riding in the back of a Skirmisher is like being put into a big metal shoe box and tossed around by some giant. I wasn't sure whether I should be more concerned about a lucky mortar round taking us all out, or my fillings coming loose." - Extremi Soldier after the Battle of Dead Man's Road, the first major engagement to feature Skirmishers

Early Pre-war accounts taught the Extremis of the importance of providing a quick, safe, and reliable method of getting troops into the battlefield. Many of the proposals, however, fell short, due to lack of practicality, technology, or funding. However, one idea that showed potential was that of the Armored PErsonnel Carrier, or APC. Nothing could be done to make advanced machines like the days of the past, but what was plausible was converting an existing design, in this case a Lancer Gun Carriage, into a capable transport vehicle. The result was the Skirmisher gun/troop carrier  

The Skirmisher is more or less just a Lancer with the main gun removed, and the boxy rear hull's height extended and armored up, the ammunition compartments replaced with benches. While by no means a comfortable ride, the durable hull provides protection for the passengers from all but the heaviest of fire. Since it shares its hull with the Lancer, repairs are easier, and the durable Royal Knight-based chassis  means it can keep up with the armor. It shares many qualities with the Lancer as well, such as a radio room at the co-pilot's position, an open-topped back, and engine compartment in the forward hull just behind the driver. 

-Bench seating holds ten in rear hull, plus one machine gunner.
-Driver's compartment in forward hull in front of engine; while this provides driver safety from enemy fire, it makes communicating with the driver and radio operator more difficult.
-Uses same engine as the LAncer and Royal Knight, making repairs more managable
-Engine access in front of rear hull, machine gunner's step folds up to allow for access
-machine gun on ring mount for antiaircraft defense duties, however the open top of the vehicle's rear hull leaves passengers exposed to air attack and artillery.
-rear hatch drops down for quick disembarkement, though the steepness and lack of steps makes embarking somewhat of a hassle.

Height: 11.3'
Length: 23.8'
Width: 8.8'

Weight: 43 tons

Armanent: 1 x .50 caliber heavy machine gun. 

Powerplant:  1 Ransel Ghost Radial Aircraft Engine
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