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Damontian Barrakuda Fighter by killerweinerdog
Damontian Barrakuda Fighter
This beauty is the (in)famous Damontian Barrakuda fighter, named for, and easily recognized by its long, sinister looking nose. Much like its nemesis the Peregrine, the Barrakuda was designed using Pre-World documents, blueprints and salvaged remains found in museums, airfields, and ruins from the Last War, but while the Peregrine was designed on Allied fighter aircraft of the ancient conflict known as World War II, the Barrakuda found inspiration in Axis aircraft, namely the famous Bf-109 of German fame, though there seems to be a sprinkling of Mustang in it, don't you think? 

Anyways, the Barrakuda's powerful engine, driving the large four-bladed paddle-style prop, gives it the edge in speed over the Peregrine, though the long, slender fuselage, thin wings, and slightly under-sized tail surfaces lead to trouble in getting into and out of turns. The engine, actually considered over-powered for a plane that size, also provides a large amount of torque upon the plane; in addition to going through transmissions like hotcakes, the large engine also guzzles fuel like no tomorrow, even the hyper-efficient Blakfuel that is commonplace among the world of Blakfire's machines, limiting its range severely. Even on the ground the engine causes trouble, having a history of being extremely complicated and, at best, unreliable. Many junior pilots also complain of the plane's extreme instability and almost unmanageable speed, often describing flying at high speeds as "incredibly confusing and distressing. Oftentimes you aren't sure if the plane is flying, or crashing and hasn't found the ground yet." Unfortunately, flying slow is hardly an option, as the low, thin main wing is quick to stall at low speeds, making landings, especially during battle damage, a nightmare in itself. 

Fortunately for the Damontians, despite its shortcomings, the Barrakuda has shown to be, in the hands of a trained and capable pilot, an absolute terror to opposing enemies, both in the air and on the ground. Damontian pilots will use the Barrakuda's speed to their advantage, gunning and running to ambush enemy fighters at high speed and then firewalling the engines to outrun any surviving planes that give chase. While the Peregrine has the advantage in manuverability and stability, there is little they can do but helplessly watch as the Barrakuda flies away...until it comes back for another pass. Ground forces also quickly learn to fear the 'kuda, as, while low speed bombing is out of the question, the plane's high speed makes it a tough target to hit with AA guns, and any pilot with good reflexes and a good eye can strafe an enemy position, lob a bomb into a bunker or tank, and then be gone before the AA crews can even bracket them in. 

One feature seen in the picture here is the Barrakuda's landing gear. Due to the plane's engine and nose mounted cannon taking up most of the front of the plane, the designers had to settle for a traditional tail-dragger landing gear. Regular side retracting landing gear proved to be problematic; the wing's placement was so far back that it left the Kuda's nose high in the air, and made it prone to nosing over from even the smallest jolt. To remedy this, the landing hear was designed to extend down, and then rotate forwards slightly to better set the balance. While this solved the issue, it also made the extension and retraction time for the landing gear almost twice as long. Combining this with the Kuda's high speed landing characteristics made pilots develop a precise landing routine that was timed almost to the millisecond from receiving landing clearance to touching down and rolling to a stop.

Overall, while the gas-guzzling, enormous engine and unforgiving flight characteristics makes the Barrakuda a difficult plane to master, its speed and power is a deadly weapon in the hands of a well-trained, elite pilot, and Damontia accepts nothing less than elite from its military men and women. 

The Barrakuda also comes in a liaison/recon verison, with all armanent removed and an extra seat placed behind the pilot for the passenger/camera operator. While the recon version is highly useful, the liaison version leaves much to be desired, as, in order to have enough room in the wings for the landing gear to lay flush, thin, solid rubber tires were used, which are...less than ideal for landing on improvised or hastily built runways.


Wingspan: 34 ft
Length: 31 ft
Height: 14 ft

Powerplant: 1 x Damonmaschinenfabrik Kaltenstein V-16 Engine
Top Speed: 475 mph
Range: 250 mi
Ceiling: 14,900 ft

Armament: 1 x 20mm Cannon firing through prop spinner, 200 rounds. 6 x 10mm Machine guns mounted on wings, 400 rounds per gun, up to 1000 lbs of external ordinance.  (fighter version only)

Crew: 1 (pilot-fighter) 2 (pilot, passenger/camera operator-liason/recon) 
Extremi TB-56 Brigand Trainer/Patrol Plane by killerweinerdog
Extremi TB-56 Brigand Trainer/Patrol Plane
This is the TB-56 Brigand, the original plane from which the Pirate and Corsair are based off of. The Brigand is an interesting plane by itself, being, at first glance, incredibly large for a plane intended as a trainer, made possible by the plane's exceptional stability and forgiving flight characteristics. 

The Brigand is actually two variants of the plane, those two variants being "Trainer" and "Patrol Bomber." The Trainer version includes a second pilot's seat in place of tail gun position, and does not have the bomb racks found on the Patrol Bomber version. The TRainer still keeps the Brigand's signature twin synchronized 20mm guns, often for used in gunnery and dogfight training.

The Brigand's origins were actually rather humble, originally designed as a crop duster that found itself pressed into service as a stopgap patrol bomber during the First Damontian War to protect Extremidad's mainland from raids by Damontian ships, which would frequently sneak up on unsuspecting Extremi port towns and shell them before slipping away. After working out the teething problems originating from literally going crop field to the battlefield, the Brigand proved to be a reliable, if slow, aircraft with the range and durability that made it perfect for patrol roles. As a result, the Brigand has become a workhorse of Extremidad's home guard, patrolling the skies and keeping a keen eye out for enemy incursions.

In the current times of Blakfire, the Brigand has found an additional role as a liason and clandestine operations aircraft, its sturdy fixed landing gear being perfect for landing on rough ground and hastily built runways. These Brigands, known unofficially as the "Highwaymen,"are often painted in a flat black paint, and will have one or both 20mm guns, along with the tail gun, removed to save on weight and shorten takeoff roles. Some pilots even go so far as to remove the radios, passenger seat, and gunner seat, and will even fly wearing nothing more than a shirt, pants, and shoes, foregoing even essentials such as a sidearm and parachute, if it means shaving even a foot off of the plane's takeoff roll. 


Wingspan: 54.4 ft 
Length: 40.8 ft
Height: 13.2 ft

Powerplant: 1 x Ransel Phantom Radial Engine 
Top Speed:  200 Mph
Range: 1000 mi
Ceiling: 12,500 ft

Armament: 2 x 20mm Cannons with 200 rounds per gun, 2 x .50 cal machine guns on dorsal flexible mount, 400 rounds per gun (Patrol Bomber version only) up to 1,500 lbs ordinance on wing bomb racks (Patrol Bomber version only)

Trainer version: 2 (pilot, instructor) 
Patrol Bomber version: 3 (pilot, gunner, passenger)
Extremi OS-56 Pirate Observation/Patrol Floatplane by killerweinerdog
Extremi OS-56 Pirate Observation/Patrol Floatplane
Here's one of my first attempts at making a plane from scratch and...honestly I'm pretty satisfied with it. 

The Pirate is a plane derived from the TB-56 Brigand Patrol/Trainer plane, more or less just a Brigand with a modified cockpit and floats slapped on. Despite its large size, it is surprisingly pleasant to fly, and, while still slow, the powerful Ransel Phantom engine is more than up to the task of propelling the plane around. 

While usually relegated to scouting, observation, and SAR roles, the Pirate also has a reputation of having an...optimistic armament. Two synchronized  20mm cannons fire through the cowling and a twin .50 cal turret give the otherwise unassuming floatplane a powerful punch, and often making enemy fighters think twice about attacking, though the cannons are limited by a relatively low ammo count, since they were originally intended for short strafing runs against lightly armored ships rather than dogfights. 


Wingspan: 54.4 ft 
Length: 40.8 ft
Height: 18.6 ft

Powerplant: 1 x Ransel Phantom Radial Engine 
Top Speed: 150 Mph
Range: 900 mi
Ceiling: 12,500 ft

Armament: 2 x 20mm Cannons with 120 rounds per gun, 2 x .50 cal machine guns on dorsal flexible mount, 375 rounds per gun, up to 1,500 lbs ordinance on wing bomb racks

Crew: 3 (pilot, gunner, passenger) 
Deuteronomy-class Cruiser (Updated) by killerweinerdog
Deuteronomy-class Cruiser (Updated)
For those who may have been watching me for a while, you might remember me posting this picture:

Well, after years of thinking, here I present a more updated and 3d version of that ship: The Deuteronomy-class Light Cruiser. As mentioned before, since the rise of Aero-navies in the world of Blakfire, surface navies found themselves out-gunned and falling out of favor. However, Extremidad manages a small, less diverse navy, consisting mainly of only cruisers and destroyers, relegated with patrolling the waters around their country. Since threats from the air have evolved from small, nimble aircraft to large, heavy aerial warships, smaller caliber AA has been discarded in favor of heavier guns. On the Deuteronomy, all of her turrets can traverse skyward to fire upon attacking airships, laying down a deadly barrage of fire to deter or destroy threats. 

However, the most notable and iconic part of the Deuteronomy is the dreadnought-style bow and underwater ram. While rams in these days fell out of favor in the time of ironclads, Extremidad embraced the idea; to be able to penetrate the armor of other ships, the ram's armor is the thickest on the ship, made from a dual layer of steel and Blaksteel, an expensive, but extremely durable metal that is also known for its profound lightness, often used on airship frames. In addition, the bow of the ship is sectioned with watertight doors; if the ram is damaged, the flooding that may result won't sink the ship, and the ship can even flood her forward compartment to change the depth of the ram, a tactic sometimes used to "dig up" lighter warships and literally fling them into the air, a feat assisted by her two powerful steam turbine engines. Her ram is often used as a finishing blow on damaged or disabled warships, or as a last ditch tactic, since charging headlong into battle often results in being reduced to a sinking wreck off the stern of her target.

Of course, she is not without her faults; compared to her rival, the Damontian Kraken-class light cruiser, she is slower, trading speed and maneuverability for heavier armor and more guns. Still, she is a reliable and deadly favorite of the Extremidad surface navy, one that leaves her friends inspired and her enemies trembling.

The cruiser pictured here is a "standard" configuration Deuteronomy, though several variants exist, the most prevalent being the Airship Tender variant, which replaces the #3, #4, and #5 turrets with an airship mooring tower to link an airship to a tanker to refuel and resupply embarked airships far from port. Another prevalent variant is the Fleet Observation variant, which, on top of having more powerful radar and tracking equipment, replaces the smaller stern turret with an aircraft catapult/crane capable of launching and recovering a small seaplane.

Length: 444 feet

Width: 86 feet

Height: 77 feet (from waterline) 99 feet (From keel)

Draft: 22 Feet
Armament: 8 x 10" naval/ AA guns contained in four turrets, 10 x 4" naval/ AA guns contained in five turrets, 

Powerplants: 2 x Extremidad Locomotive Works Mk. IIX Steam Turbines driving 2 x 11' six-bladed propellers

Top Speed: 19 knots

EDIT: Following the advice of a viewer, I've updated the design of the Deuteronomy to make her a little more plausible as a design. Probably not picture perfect, but I'm going on rule of cool for the most part here.
Wraith-class Battleship by killerweinerdog
Wraith-class Battleship
This is the Damontian Republic of Nation's mainstay aerial battleship, the Wraith. At 873 feet, she is shorter and stockier than the Excalibur, but she is more heavily armed and armored, leading to a harder punch in a smaller package. Her armanment includes five dual 24" anti ship cannon turrets, one 30" siege-class cannon in a tail "stinger" turret, twenty six dual 17" anti ship broadside howitzer turrets, and eighteen quad 20mm AA turrets. As with the Excalibur, she carries a small hangar that can fit one heavy aircraft or two light aircraft, though often she only carries a small observation plane. Despite her smaller size, she is slower and less maneuverable than the Excalibur, partially because of her heavier armor, and partially because of, despite being powered by ten large engines, each driving a pair of contra-rotating propellers in a tractor configuration, she is underpowered for her mass. Another issue she has is that her inner workings are very convoluted and very unorganized, which leads to maintainence being very costly and complicated. Even worse is her airframe; originally designed as a heavy transport, the Wraith's airframe was not designed to support the weight of the heavy weapons on her top end, which makes her structure rife with vulnerabilities and weak points under her armor. Still, she is a dangerous enemy to the Extremi aeronavy, and any experienced sailor knows that trouble is coming when a Wraith is sighted over the horizon.
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